Zoom practical advice

A few practical tips from our own Jon Raper (acoustics consultant) and Brenda Taverner of the French Book Club

■ Try to conference from a room with soft furnishings. This will usually be your living room
■ Avoid conferencing from your kitchen. The hard surfaces produce unwanted sound reflections
■ Avoid background noise at your location such as washing machines, dishwashers, radios and TVs
■ Background noise greatly reduces the intelligibility for your recipients even though it may be at a comfortable level for you
■ Stay reasonably close to your computer/phone microphone. This will give your voice dominance over other external noises in your environment
■ The quality of many loudspeakers built-in to laptops and phones is not the best so you can get considerable benefit from using headphones or earbuds.
■ Participants should mute their microphones when they are not speaking. This cuts out background noise when listening to the speaker.

David Hunter of the World Literature Group is very happy to pass on his experience with Zoom. If you would like some help please email cedu3a@gmx.com.