Wine Appreciation

Photograph © Liz Hart

A sociable group who likes and wants to understand more about wine and perhaps fortified wines and gins. A theme is generally selected by group members in advance and so far has included Rioja, Beyond Prosecco, Old and New World Wines, unusual grape varieties, regional Italian wines and more. We also run more formal wine tasting sessions, facilitated by Luisan Welch, a professional wine educator, another member of the group or an external facilitator, followed by a social evening with food prepared by the host (costs reimburseable), usually the member in whose house we are meeting.
Sometimes we have a bring a bottle session, where members are invited to bring a bottle of wine which they have researched in respect of its provenance and present to the group.
Group Conveners: Ed Allen, Diana Pavey, Kathy McHale

The Group meets in members’ homes or an outside venue on the first Thursday of every month, 7 – 9 p.m.
Each meeting we charge between £10.00 and £15.00 (payable at the meeting), to cover 5/6 wines for tasting plus 2 bottles for drinking with food. As costs are incurred in advance of the meeting it is important that members commit to attending regularly. Any surplus goes to support a Summer/Yuletide event.

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Meeting Reports

April 2019

The Group explored the wines of the Loire and Burgundy and learnt that the rock used to build many of the gorgeous Loire castles, is also used to build the cellars where the wines from the region are left to mature. The group tasted some superb wines, both white and red, and uncovered the true taste of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as it is meant to be in Burgundy, lean and elegant and truly stylish. An experience that the many group members are keen to repeat, they said! Santé.

March 2019

Wines of Languedoc – to get bang for your buck look to the wines of this area of France.

October 2018

Our first restaurant outing! The group enjoyed a tasting of unusual wines matched with generously portioned tapas at Muswell Hill’s restaurant Connubio. Many also purchased bottles of their favourite wine afterwards, as the restaurant also sells wine at retail prices. What a great, convivial evening!

September 2018

The last of the summer wine, with wines from Greece, Italy, Spain and Great Britain for the staycationers.  

August 2018

Despite the rain, a great time was had by one and all at the Wine Appreciation Group’s summer party : all members brought a wine to taste and share.    

Many thanks to Kathy and Diana for hosting the Wine Group summer gathering … After a splendid start with grand cru champagne and Prosecco, we moved onto other offerings. Everyone brought interesting wine and delicious food. I hope a second group starts up soon! – Roslyn Byfield, Member no. 308

July 2018

Tired of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc? At our July meeting we explored some unusual and interesting varieties from around the world.

Photographs by Liz Hart

June 2018

Wines of Rioja

May 2018

We recalled the semi-sweet white German wines of our youth and tasted some of those, both red and white, available in 2018 at a range of prices. The general feeling that quality and value were still questionable. Certainly nothing spectacular. Great fun anyway.

March 2018

Ed’s and Cathy’s bottle of wine from the Ukraine agreed as ‘top tasty’ at our Bring a Bottle evening

February 2018

The theme was French wine discoveries, much enjoyed by one and all!  

November 2017

  Having established our ‘ground rules’ under the guidance of Luisa, a member of our group and professional ‘Wine Taster’, we went on to taste 4 wines, 2 white and 2 red from different regions of Italy. Luisa’s expertise and passion for wine is invaluable and the following discussion wide ranging, about aromas, colours, type of grape, what to eat with the different wines. All this was followed by nibbles prepared by Kathy in whose house we held our meeting and more discussion.