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  • ►London Loop 6

     August 16, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    London Loop Route 6 : Banstead Downs to Kingston Bridge

    Back on the road tackling Loop Route 6 in mid-August we soon found the start point, rather incongruously in the middle of a small wood adjoining a golf course, but were soon back in the suburban streets of Sutton. A decision was made to increase our pace to reach Warren Farm, not a farm in the traditional sense, but land given over to the Woodland Trust following a dispute over its becoming a site for housing development. A relief certainly for us walkers. Then we entered Nonsuch Park, an open space that once contained one of Henry VIII's palaces. There are few remains, other than the lower brickwork of the banqueting hall. Next came the village of Ewell with its motley collection of historic buildings including a Victorian castle and prison for local miscreants, which doubled up as a fire station. A huge statue of a dog on top of an arch welcomed us into Bourne Hall Park. I was told by a fellow walker that this statue commemorated a heroic act by the animal. A short tea break followed in the flying saucer shaped 1960s building in the Park, the interior layout of which offended the sensibilities of all of us.

    It was in this park that we found the source of the Hogsmill River, that we were to follow, more or less, (with a quick stop for lunch in the gardens of a massive carvery pub, fending off the wasps) to its mouth – the Thames at Kingston. Although the walk formed a corridor through the suburbs (apart for a couple of annoying detours through more suburban housing and the need to cross the busy A30), it was monotonous, and also overgrown in places. I think we were all more than happy to reach Kingston where our leaders highlighted the stone upon which seven Saxon kings were crowned and the 13th Century Clattern Bridge. After the stunning walking of previous sections, this stretch was as a bit of a disappointment, but I was reminded of the comment made at the outset, a journey such as the Loop will have its high and lows. Sadly though I was reminded of a further observation made at the outset: that of our disregard for nature: not only by rubbish lining the path but also now of invasive species, with Himalayan Balsam dominating the riverside growth coupled with the first, of what I suspect is many, sightings of the bright green parakeets. But I was more than impressed, and heartened, by the solitary woman attempting to tackle one of these problems by picking up the litter. By the time we came across her, the sack was full. - Ruth Hayes.

    ►If you like to join us on our orbital walk round London please register with the Longer Walks Group

  • ►Save this date

     August 15, 2018   SOCIAL  

    We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Ceilidh on Friday 16 November at the British Legion Hall in Muswell Hill (top of Muswell Hill Road). Further details of ticket prices, etc to follow ...

  • ►Food for thought

     August 13, 2018   INFORMATION  

    Ever wondered what other U3As get up to?

    Here's one way to find out

  • ►Join Our Facebook Group

     August 13, 2018   INFORMATION  

    We have now have Crouch End & District U3A Facebook Group, to which all members who have Facebook accounts are invited to join to share news, views and photographs on all things CE&DU3A.

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  • ►Connoisseurs together

     August 12, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Despite the rain, a great time was had by one and all at the Wine Appreciations Group's August summer party : all members brought a wine to taste and share.

    How to join the Wine Appreciation Group

  • ►Exhibitions & Galleries Group forthcoming visits

     August 10, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    We are delighted to tell you that we are launching the new Exhibitions & Galleries Group programme on 7 September, appropriately for this Centenary year, with a visit to Aftermath : Art in the Wake of World War One, at Tate Britain, meeting there at 10.30 a.m.

    Our second visit of the new season will be in October, date to be fixed shortly, and will be to the Estorick gallery in Canonbury Square. As well as the permanent collection of early nineteenth century Italian art, about which many of you will have heard in this month's lecture, there will be a chance to see a temporary exhibition: A New Figurative Art 1920-1945 with works from the Giuseppe Iannaccone collection. All for a very reasonable £4.50.

    How to join the Exhibitions & Galleries Group

  • ►World Literature Group news

     August 10, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Do you have great classics of world literature – Milton, Dostoyevsky, Cao Xueqin, Dante – sitting quietly on your bookshelves, classics you’ve never quite got around to reading? Or perhaps you read them many years ago and would love the chance to explore and discuss them again. If so, this group is for you.

    Over a period of typically 3 to 5 get-togethers, we’ll delve into one of these masterpieces of prose or poetry, focusing not just on the text but also on the historical and literary context. It will give us a chance to really ‘get under the skin’ of each work.

    From late September/early October 2018, we’ll be discussing three different books in parallel groups:

    - Milton’s Paradise Lost
    - Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks (in English translation)
    - Eliot’s Middlemarch

    The groups focusing on Milton and Mann are already full, but there are still some places available on the Middlemarch group.

    How to join the Middlemarch or Buddenbrooks groups

  • ►Art Appreciation 2 Group

     August 10, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    The Art Appreciation 2 Group visited the Guildhall Art Gallery recently and enjoyed the work of Victorian ceramicist William De Morgan, and other works in the Collection



    How to join the Art Appreciation 2 Group

  • ►New Group : Poetry writing

     August 10, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    "Anything is fit material for poetry”. Come and use yours with me, Josephine. Turn your three, four or five words into poems on Monday afternoons. Writing, reading, playing.

    Start date : 20 August 2018
    Frequency : Fortnightly
    When : Monday, 2 - 4 p.m.
    Where : Hornsey Lane, N6

    Group Convener : Josephine Zara
    Contact Josephine on 07811 279157 (please leave a message if there is no answer)

  • ►Fitzrovian delights

     August 9, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Luckily, the weather was much more refreshing than of late for the Shorter Walks Group tour of Fitzrovia. Our guide, Philip Messent took us to Fitzroy Square, pointing out the plaque to Virginia Woolf, and then the statue of Francisco Miranda, the 18th century liberator of South America. We went down Charlotte Street towards the new development which has replaced the old Middlesex Hospital, and we were all charmed by the Fitzrovia Chapel, the only part of the hospital to survive. Built at the end of the 19th century in a Byzantine style, the chapel is open on Wednesdays and hosts lunchtime events one Friday a month. After that we walked through to Russell Square and down towards St Georges Bloomsbury, a Grade 1 listed church by Hawksmoor, with the most curious church spire in London- George I sits on the top! We visited Bloomsbury Square and had tea at St Georges, Holborn, in Queen Square. Some of us then went on to look at the Foundling Museum before ending the tour.

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  • ►New Group : Geology

     August 9, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Geology is everywhere. Our buildings, pavements and mobile phones are made and our cars are fuelled from what's in the ground. Geology is the earth's history and will decide our future.

    Are you fascinated by information boards on beaches saying things like "these rocks are 500 million years old". How can that be? Would you like to learn more about rocks, minerals, fossils, earthquakes, volcanoes, the more than 4000 million year history of our earth?.

    If you do, why not find out more and join the Group

  • ►Current Affairs Group Autumn topics

     August 9, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    We aim to become better informed and understand more deeply what is happening in the world by exchanging knowledge and opinions. We are not topic experts but members bring an interesting topic for the group to explore through a general discussion. Every so often a member researches a significant topic and circulates a brief background paper as a basis for a longer discussion.  We have animated discussions but aim to remain calm and friendly, respecting and valuing differences of opinion and avoiding party politics.

    Topics coming up in the autumn include trade and drug policy.

    How to join the Current Affairs Group


  • ►Open Day 2018

     August 8, 2018   INFORMATION  

    Since its inauguration last September, our U3A has grown rapidly to become a thriving part of the community. To celebrate our first anniversary we will be holding an Open Day on Wednesday 26 September at the Moravian Church Hall, 10.30 a.m. - 12.30p.m. We hope existing members will join us and bring along friends or family to see the many activities available.

  • ►More on 1968

     August 8, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    The July meeting of the 1960s Group continued its exploration of the events of 1968. Four group members gave presentations on topics that resonated with them from the period.

    Firstly, Andy talked about Race and Immigration in the 1960s, examining the key legislation from the British Nationality Act (1948) up to the Equality Act of 2010. We considered the issues raised and a lively discussion ensued.

    Next came Nicci who talked about the Grosvenor Square Riots. Her approach was refreshingly different: she read verbatim reports of those there to capture to the passion and hostility. It echoed Jackie’s reading of her cousin’s recollections from time in Paris in 1968 that she read last month. Nicci laid to rest the idea that it was Stephen Hawking marching alongside Tariq Ali and Vanessa Redgrave in one of the much-published photos from the demo in that brief time of history!

    Carl, after his monthly meeting talk that morning, focussed in the afternoon on Vietnam and presented the background and the aftermath of the Tet Offensive, a pivotal moment of the war that took place in early 1968.

    Finally, John talked knowledgably about the fluctuating fortunes of the Labour party in the 1960s and the meeting was rounded off with a 1968 themed quiz, the prize for which was a bulging bag of pear drops, described by one group member as “not just redolent of the Sixties, but a veritable time machine, transporting the lucky winner back to that age warmed by the white heat of the technological revolution”.

    There will be no meeting in August.

    Hold the front page!

    In September there will be a presentation by a guest speaker on the ever-changing role of the press and of journalists from the 1960s until now, followed by a Q&A.

    How to join the 1960s Group

  • ►Lumumba

     August 7, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    For the first Autumn visit to the British Film Institute the convener of the Foreign Films Group has chosen the film Lumumba to be shown on 1 October 2018 at 6 p.m.

    ►Find out more about Lumumba

    If you would like to see this film and are not a member of the Group, you need to join it

    How to join the Foreign Films Group

  • ►Exhibitions & Galleries Group change of name

     August 6, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    The Museums & Galleries Group has changed its name and is now called Exhibitions & Galleries

  • ►Imperial College – The FIT for Screening study

     August 5, 2018   INFORMATION  

    This is a request from a researcher from Imperial College who we worked with last year on a similar project called The All Adenomas Study.

    The group is currently in the planning stages of a new study called FIT for Screening and once again is looking for volunteers to become Patient and Public Representatives.

    They were very pleased with the response last year and hope the U3A can help with this new project.

    Details as follows:

    [pdf-embedder url="https://cedu3a.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FIT-for-Screening_PPR-Poster_Final-PDF.pdf" title="FIT for Screening_PPR Poster_Final PDF"]

    [pdf-embedder url="https://cedu3a.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FIT-for-Screening_PPI-Role-Description_Final.pdf" title="FIT for Screening_PPI Role Description_Final"]>

  • ►New Group : Art – Intermediate

     August 2, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    This group was established a year ago when it was called Beginners. Participants have now become intermediate level and will this year, continue to develop skills, knowledge and understanding through drawing, and with the move to a new venue, be able to work with more variety of media and techniques, for example, water colour (basic level).

    We will continue to build on skills and techniques developed, by returning during the term to drawing from the figure, objects and natural form and we will continue to use a range of dry and wet drawing media and papers. We will also be able to work outside in fine weather, as there is a park next door!

    Participants will need to buy a variety of materials for the sessions, and will be given a list of what will be useful/ appropriate, and suggestions as to where to find them.

    We are a friendly and cheerful group of people, and new members with intermediate experience will be most welcome.

    How to join the Intermediate Art Group

  • ►Shorter Walks programme August – September 2018

     August 2, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Monday 20 August 2018, 10.30 a.m.

    Trent Park healthy walk : a walk led by Sally Geeve

    A walk for those who want to meet their 10,000 footsteps daily rate. Starting at Cockfoster’s tube station we will follow various paths throughout Trent Park, through woodlands, lakeside paths, the rather quaint children’s zoo area and, for the more adventurous, the Go Ape zip wire. More details nearer the time.

    Monday 3 September 2018, 12.00 p.m.

    Regent’s Canal towpath healthy walk - Islington to Limehouse Basin : a walk led by Oonagh Gay

    This walk is around four miles along the lovely Regent’s Canal and ending at Limehouse Basin, from where we can catch the DLR back to Highbury and Islington. The canal passes Victoria Park and a number of pubs, so there is plenty of opportunity to take some lunch.

    Monday 17 September 2018, 1 p.m.

    Notting Hill : a walk led by John Wray

    Notting Hill is an area steeped in history, from its 18th century history of pig farming, to 19th century villas, and then the race riots of the 1950s and the Notting Hill carnival. Meet at Notting Hill tube

    How to join the Shorter Walks Group

  • ►Arcadia!

     August 2, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Several members of the Gardens and Gardening Group our group had visited this garden in Ashley Road when it is open under the National Gardens Scheme, but all agreed that the richness and intricacy of the design and planting here repays repeat visits - possibly many of them!

    The owners made us abundantly welcome. They introduced us to the sloping fern bed at the front, lovely from outside, and from inside where a semi basement window looks up and out onto this patchwork of greens and textures.

    Then out into the quite small but intensely planted rear garden, with such a lot going on its hard to know where to start. Some examples: a trellis in the back corner supports a clematis armandii with evergreen leaf and white winter-spring flower, wisteria for spring green leaf, purple flower in May and now sports long bright green velvety pods, so tactile! On the same frame a repeat flowering red rose for summer, a wildly twirling grape vine, and even a fig making its way up. Not an inch of wasted space and a delight together as well as each in their season. Backing the comfortable arbour underneath this profusion of climbers is an innovation of one of the owners, an ingenious fern wall crafted from strong wire mesh, carpet underlay and cable ties, with planting pockets holding an array of small ferns, bringing colour and texture to an otherwise dark corner, and greatly increasing the area available for plants.

    The exotic leaves of pauwlonia and banana centre the built-up back boundary, with the cool sound of water cascading gently into several pools beside them, bordered with a wide variety of texture, colour, size and shape of foliage.

    Rockeries are apparently coming back into fashion, so this garden is ahead of the curve. Conceived to reflect the landscape features of the natural rocky environment, the several rockery areas have naturalistic fault lines between the tufa rocks, they fall in contours, there are surfaces for plants on all sides - again giving more planting spaces in this quite small, flat garden - and the plants are varied, intricate and to scale.

    The owners love mountain landscape and foliage, and with 45 varieties of acer, uncounted ferns, ground cover plants, shrubs and trees have created an extraordinary lush haven with imagination and artistry. They made us feel quite at home with great generosity and a wealth of practical information. And then gave us such delicious home made cake!

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

    How to join the Gardens and Gardening Group

  • ►Bulletin No. 10 (August 2018)

     August 1, 2018   INFORMATION  

    Bulletin no. 10 (August 2018)

    Monthly Meetings

    Thursday 9 August: Dr Roberta Cremoncini: The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

    The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. It comprises some 120 paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints and sculptures by many of the most prominent Italian artists of the 20th Century. Discover the history of the Museum, located in a beautiful Georgian building in Islington’s Canonbury Square, with a talk by the Director Roberta Cremoncini.

    See below for opportunities to volunteer at the museum.

    Future meetings

    Thursday 13 September: Margaret Greenfields: Britain as a Nation of Migrants: a 2000-year-old history of migration to the UK

    Thursday 11 October: David Hunter: Poetry and passion on the front line – Guillaume Apollinaire 1914-1918

    Open Day

    Plans are now well advanced for our Open Day on Wednesday 26 September, which will be held between 10.30am and 12.30pm at the Moravian Church Hall, Priory Road, Hornsey N8 7HR. This is a great opportunity for both existing and prospective members to meet us and find out about the great range of groups, talks and activities our U3A offers. Membership is open to all who are retired or semi-retired and is not restricted to those who live in Crouch End, so do come along on 26 September to see this flourishing part of our community in action.

    Coffee Mornings

These monthly get-togethers, held in people’s homes from 11am to 12.30pm, are a great, informal way to meet other members. The next two mornings are Tuesday September 11 in N22 and Thursday 25 October in N19 (there is no meeting in August).

    To book please contact Jacki at info@jackireason.co.uk. If you would like to host a coffee morning please contact Jacki. Expenses can be reimbursed.

    Group News

    The following new groups have been established. Information can be found on our website at https://cedu3a.org.uk where you can follow the link to the relevant convener in order to join.

    French books
    Poetry writing

    Groups that need a little more work before they can get going:

    Opera – is anyone willing to host this group? We do have a convener, but we need a venue that has a reasonable size flat-screen TV that can play DVDs (either integral, or can plug in a DVD player), together with decent sound. Any offers? Please email Jane Clarke at groups2@cedu3a.org.uk

    Netball/Walking Netball - In order to set this up we need to know how many people might be interested in taking part. Both women and men are welcome. To find out more please contact suepicano@yahoo.co.uk

    Walking Football - Another possible group. If you are interested we would like to hear from you. Email Jane on — groups2@cedu3a.org.uk

    There are further groups in prospect, which we hope will materialise. Keep an eye on the website. These are:

    Crime fiction books
    Local and/or fringe theatre
    Music in context

    Many of these new groups are the fruit of our questionnaire. As ever, our profound thanks and gratitude go to all our group conveners. They ARE the U3A!

    Remember that it is really worth registering with any group in which you are interested so that you can be put on the group’s e-mail list. Places may be available, or extra groups may be formed if there is the demand. Some groups with restricted numbers, for example theatre visits or group walks, now operate on a first come, first served basis, giving everyone a chance to participate as long as they respond speedily to an announcement of a new event, via the website.

    Visit our website at https://cedu3a.org.uk to keep up-to-date with all our group news, including photos and descriptions of many of our activities. To join any group, just fill in the contact form on the relevant page. If you do not have access to the website you can contact Jane Clarke on 020 3638 2330 or 07957 756665

    New Facebook Group

    We have now set up a new public Facebook group, which is open to everyone. Members, convenors, U3A officers and anyone seeking information about our U3A can now post comments and photos independently without having to appear in the 'visitor' section of the page. You do have to join the Facebook group in order to be able to do this, but this is an easy step: just click 'join' on the Crouch End & District group page here:


    The group is moderated by Publicity Group representatives Jacqui Osley and Jacki Reason, who will be able to remove inappropriate comments. However, this is an open group and we hope that it will be an exciting new U3A forum with lots of input from members keen to share their U3A experiences. There are already some lovely photos of various walks and outings on the group page, so please have a look and perhaps you will feel inspired to contribute a comment of your own.

    Volunteer help from our Members

    New Secretary role in our U3A

    The Steering Committee has decided to split the existing Business Secretary role into two separate roles. We are therefore looking for a volunteer to fill the new, largely administrative, Secretary position. The Secretary will support the Chair and help run the Steering Committee and other related meetings. The Steering Committee will normally meet every two months. The Secretary will also be the first point of call for external and internal enquiries, passing enquiries on to colleagues to respond.If you are interested, please contact Sally via Secretary@cedu3a.org.uk for more information: she will be happy to talk through what's involved.

    Help with setting up audio visual equipment at the monthly meetings We have a good, reliable team for this but need additional help to cover absences. You will not be needed at every meeting and can shadow for a few times if necessary. We also have full notes and a video of setting up the sound system. Contact Sue at chair@cedu3a.org.uk

    Would you like to be involved in National and Regional U3A issues and activities?

    We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers to represent Crouch End & District U3A at national and regional meetings. The national meeting is the U3A Annual General Meeting, held in October, this year in London. The London Regional Meetings are held quarterly, at Canada Water. Each meeting covers a specialist topic of relevance to London U3As, 'housekeeping' matters and upcoming events. You will have the opportunity to meet and chat with representatives from other U3As in London and elsewhere. All we would need from you is brief report of issues covered. For more information and to indicate your interest please contact Sally via secretary@cedu3a.org.uk.

    Volunteering at the Estorick Collection

    The Estorick Collection (the subject of our August meeting) is a registered charity. It employs a small team of permanent staff and relies on volunteer Gallery Assistants to assist with the day-to-day running of the museum.

    For more information visit https://www.estorickcollection.com/support-or-join or get in touch with us at shop@estorickcollection.com or 020 7704 9522.

  • ►New Group : Ukulele

     July 31, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    This is an informal monthly group meeting. We are relative beginners, but there are many songs we can play using just two or three chords. We have music for a number of tunes, but the repertoire will be up to the members.

    We have one spare ukulele, if someone wants to try it out – first come, first served.

    Frequency : Monthly
    When : Tuesday afternoons, from 2.30 p.m. for 2 hours, starting on 4 September 2018, and thereafter, 2 October, 6 November and 11 December 2018
    Where : A house in Crouch End

    How to join the Ukulele Group

  • ►Forty Hall

     July 26, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    A rural walk around Forty Hall, Enfield : a walk led by Sally Geeve

    On 23 July members of the Shorter Walks Group took a 15 minute train to Gordon Hill, the start of our walk around the environs of Forty Hall. Fortunately, much of the route was in shaded woodland following the course of Turkey Brook, as it was one of the hottest summer days yet. We stopped for lunch at the Forty Hall cafe in the shade of some of the wonderfully aged trees and took some time to wander around the walled garden before completing the circle back to the station... all of us dreaming of long drinks and cold showers.

    How to join the Shorter Walks Group

  • ►Longer Walks Group : revised programme August-December 2018

     July 26, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Thursday 23 August 2018: The Sheepleas and St Martha’s Hill 11 miles / 17.7 km

    Thursday 13 September 2018: Haslemere and Black Down 9.5 – 10 miles

    Thursday 27 September 2018: Leigh on Sea
    11 miles / 17.6 km

    Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 October 2018: A South Downs Sojourn: 25 miles / 40 km over 2 days

    Thursday 25 October 2018: Faversham to Whitstable
    10 miles / 16 km

    Thursday 8 November 2018: Bayford-Hertford Heath

    Thursday 22 November 2018: Lambourne End

    About the Longer Walks Group

    How to book a walk

    Past longer walks

  • ►New Group : Recorder

     July 25, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    We are a mix of descant and treble recorder players with varying degrees of musical knowledge, ability and experience. Beginners are welcome. The focus of the group is to create a space where we can play together. At our meetings we also discuss the challenges of the music we are playing, choose new music to practice and share tips and suggestions.

    More details and how to join the Group

  • ►Birdwatching in July

     July 24, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    Group 1 - June ended on a high note with a shared supper and presentation by Jon Raper of photos from his recent sailing trip to the South Atlantic. The terrific shots of wildlife included Penguins, Seals and birds thriving in their natural habitat despite the many hardships. These were interspersed with human communities also living in inhospitable island conditions and the sailors dealing with life aboard the sailing ship in a range of Atlantic Ocean weather. Inspiring!

    Our birdwatch for July was the RSPB Thames Estuary reserve at Rainham Marshes. Despite the 30 degree heat and very little shade, we covered the whole reserve and were rewarded with clear sightings of Marsh Harriers, Lapwing, Oyster catchers and a range of water fowl and other species (with maybe a Spotted Fly Catcher among them!).

    Group 2 – A small group of five met at Finsbury Park to walk along the New River to the Woodberry Wetlands reservoir. The heat and sunshine brought out several species of butterfly including Speckled wood, Comma, Gatekeeper, Peacock and Green-veined Whites. We also spotted various Damsel, Demoiselle and Dragonflies along the New River. The highlight of the birdwatch was a female tufted duck with nine ducklings all vying to stand on a small, floating log, which to our amusement, periodically rolled over depositing them back in the water. The reservoir was quiet apart from the usual gulls, geese and coots, however, we did catch a tantalising snatch of the metallic call of a Reed Bunting before retiring to the café.

    Photographs © Jon Raper

    How to join the Birdwatching Group

  • ►Lavender in Hitchin

     July 21, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    On 15th July a lively group of 17 Outings members, including several newcomers, descended on the lavender farm just outside Hitchin, Hertfordshire (very quick on the train!). The entry fee includes a paper bag and loan of scissors to cut your own, and after an hour or so some bags were bulging.

    There are lovely views across the surrounding countryside from the top of the fields and we snipped away, accompanied by zillions of bees, before making for the cafe for lunch. A lovely spot to visit and enjoy the fragrant fields and nice to take it home as that doesn't happen at the Mayfield Lavender Farm, Banstead.

    How to join the Outings Group

  • ►Groups registration

     July 17, 2018   INFORMATION  

    Just to remind all members that you must register with any Group in which you are interested in joining. All this means that you ask your name to be put on the Group's email list. You do this by filling in the contact form on the web-page of the Group.

    Once you are a member of the Group you will able to join in any of the Group's activities, if there are places available. For example, visits to museums and longer walks have restricted numbers for each event, and places are reserved on a first come, first served basis. A speedy response to a Group's announcement of a new event is recommended to avoid disappointment.

  • ►Anyone for netball/walking netball?

     July 15, 2018   GROUP NEWS  

    We have had a kind offer from a netball coach to set up two or three taster sessions in netball and/or walking netball.

    In order to set this up we need to know how many people might be interested in taking part, at least in the taster session.

    Men and women are both welcome.

    If this appeals please us know which of these two groups you might be interested in. If enough people are interested in the taster sessions we could then set up regular groups in Netball and Walking Netball.

    We shall need a Convener if a Group is established, but in the first instance please contact Sue via suepicano@yahoo.co.uk