Walking Football


Fancy a game of walking football? This is a game for women and men playing together.

☐ Start date : To be agreed
☐ Frequency: Fortnightly

☐ When : Alternate Tuesdays, 10.30 – 11.30 am. First date to be agreed with group members

☐ Where : New River Sport & Fitness, White Hart Lane, London N22 5QW

Group Convener : Peter Emery

To join the group please complete the contact form below. This form may also be used to contact the Convener on all matters relating to the Group.

About this exciting new sport:
● A match is normally played with six players per team on the pitch (6 vs 6) – we could do 5 x 5 at a pinch
● The goal is 3m (wide) and 1m (high)
● A match lasts 40 minutes – 20 minutes each way
● There are no goalkeepers
● All players need to keep a distance of 3m from the goal during the game
● Players are permitted to change throughout the game. The number of substitutions is unlimited. A player who has been substituted may return as a substitute for another player
● There is no offside rule
● Tackling and physical contact is forbidden
● Players must always be walking, as defined as “always having one foot on the ground”. If a player runs, the referee will award possession of the ball to the opposing team
● It is not permitted to play the ball above the crossbar
● Teams cannot score from their own half of the pitch

Please omit the paragraph about charging as u3a will pay. Oh, you could leave the sentence about they could play on grass in summer if people wanted to as an option. Thanks, David