“I believe in community – I’m a busy person and helping with U3A makes me feel I’ve made a contribution”.
“I’m not a Group Convener or anything like that, so I volunteer to give something back.”

  Volunteering is at the heart of every U3A. At CEDU3A we couldn’t exist without our volunteers who help make it all happen, from convening groups and being on the organising committee, to carrying out various tasks like helping out at social events and administration.

  Volunteering opportunities ▷

  There are volunteering opportunities for all – and volunteering is a great way to get more involved if you are a current member, or to get started if you are a new member, or new to the area.
  Some opportunities are longer-term, some for a single function. With most volunteering roles you will be part of a team and can state your availability. The committee members will be on hand to provide support and guidance where needed.

Finding a volunteer role

  Specific volunteering opportunities are announced at the start of the Monthly meetings and in our monthly bulletins.
  You will be given an email address in the announcement, or you can contact Jenny and Beatrice at volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk.

  Volunteering opportunities ▷

  Meet a volunteer ▷