Volunteering is at the heart of every U3A. At CEDu3a we couldn’t exist without our volunteers who help make it all happen.
  In normal times, specific volunteering opportunities are announced at the start of the Monthly meetings (this has not of course been possible because of the restrictions placed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic) and in our monthly bulletins.
  During the pandemic, the Executive Committee, administrators and many group Conveners (all volunteers!) are still active in their roles, and as restrictions ease later 2021, are planning for the future.

Regular events

We need volunteers to assist our existing teams, and the Executive Committee, in planning our regular events, such as Open Day, recruitment events, online talks, quizzes, dances and parties. If you are interested, please contact the volunteer team (Beatrice and Jenny) by emailing volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk. We can discuss the type of role that interests you, whether it’s booking venues, catering, attending the car park, designing notices, communications … We can also talk about the amount of time you would like to commit.
Volunteers will work closely with each other and be supported by members of the Executive Committee in the planning and delivery of the events, and with existing teams responsible for interest groups, communications and recruitment, catering and so forth. Each event will have a budget to cover all agreed costs.

New groups

New groups are still being formed – if you would like to set up a Group, our New Groups organiser is on hand to provide practical advice and support. Please email newgroups@cedu3a.org.uk with details of your proposal.

Venues hire

Help update the Venues Hire list

The Venues Hire list is given to conveners and event organisers looking for a venue. It is an essential tool for our U3A. The information needs checking and updating and additional venues added. We need a coordinator for the task, as well as individual volunteers to check out and update the venues already listed and to check out (and suggest) venues not yet listed. The list needs to be ready for when we resume our face-to-face activities, we hope in early autumn.
1. One volunteer is needed to coordinate the activities under 2 below.
  Will liaise with the CEDu3a Groups Organiser, Diana Pavey, who will provide regular support.
  Diana will provide a list of local venues considered pre-pandemic that can be used initially for identifying potential venues to be added to the list and will ask Executive Committee members to suggest further possibilities.
2. A group of volunteers is needed to check and compile information on selected venues
  Review and update information on venues in thecurrent list
  Seek out venues not yet listed and visit them to check on facilities
  Gather information as set out for the venues in the current list for each additional venue listed (capacity, facilities, cost, accessibility etc)
  Compile into one list either as a Word document or on an Excel spreadsheet if helpful


If you would like to help in any of the volunteer opportunities or help in any other way, please contact Jenny or Beatrice at volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk. Alternatively, complete the form below:



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