Volunteering with CEDu3a

🟨 Volunteering is at the heart of every u3a and at Crouch End and District u3a that is no exception. There are no paid staff, just us, the members who make it all happen. Many of our members already volunteer in different ways at regular meetings and one-off events, and as conveners and administrators

□ Our Volunteering Administration Team (Vicci Midwinter and Sheena Brown) wants to make sure that we record any help members offer. That way, when help is needed, we can contact the right people and we can also make sure that we do not always rely on the same people

□ We have worked out broadly the roles that are needed for all the different activities and events that are held or may be organised in the future

□ Members who have volunteered in the past may have been emailed about this recently

Volunteering roles

□ Meeting and greeting at CEDu3a events
□ Convening a group
□ Promoting CEDu3a at external events, talking to the public
□ Buddying – accompanying, supporting another member
□ Helping with administration – e.g. bookings, leaflets, forms
□ Serving teas and coffees at the monthly talk
□ Serving food and drink at events (indicate if you would prefer not to serve alcohol or if you have any food restrictions)
□ Home baking cakes for events
□ Food preparation for events (indicate if you have any food restrictions)
□ Setting and cleaning up (including putting out chairs) for events
□ Shopping for events – car needed
□ Marketing, publicity, experience with PR
□ Helping with audio/visual/IT/website – some experience would be helpful
□ Standing for election as a Trustees and member of the Executive Committee
□ Joining Specialist Project Teams

🟨 If you are interested volunteering for any of these roles (and have not
already been contacted) please email Vicci Midwinter on volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk

🟨 If you are organising an event and need helpers, please complete the Volunteer Request Form below so that we will be able to find you exactly the right people!

    Volunteer Request Form

    Role or task for which help is sought


    Can this role or task be undertaken by more than one volunteer?
    i) At the same time


    ii) As back up


    iii) How many in total


    Description of role or task


    If applicable, any experience or skills required (technical, physical, admin)


    Will training be provided?


    If YES give a brief description including time commitment


    Hours and frequency


    Length of role or task (e.g. one-off event, short-term, or ongoing)


    Location for role (e.g, home, external venue)


    How will any expenses incurred be reimbursed?


    Travel details if appropriate


    Review period if required


    Name of member submitting this request


    Email address of member making this request


    🟨 When new volunteering opportunities arise, they will appear in our monthly bulletin