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🟨 One of the important questions for us as we grow older is how can we maintain our independence and quality of life for as long as possible? This is one of the drivers behind u3a Future Lives – a group made up of u3a members across the movement –which aims to share information and resources to inspire, influence and inform about how we can improve our future lives. The Group offers regular online talks and sessions. The chair of the Group is CEDu3a member Janet Sutherland

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One of the themes that the group is looking at is housing and they need your input via a questionnaire. Have you thought about how your home could support your independence in the years ahead and whether you would need to adapt it in some way? Perhaps you would need to move – and, if so, what you would want from a new home? The results will be used to put older people’s voices at the heart of planning and developing housing for the future

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