An informal, friendly group who all enjoy creating and making. We have wide ranging interests and skills that we enjoy sharing and most of us have an awful lot of PhDs (projects half done!). Each month one of us offers to focus on an activity or share some experience but there is no pressure.
Some of our sessions so far have been :
Aspects of patchwork and quilting
Printing and making printing blocks and ideas of how to use them in a variety of creative ways
Fabric boxes
Twiddle muffs
Creative cut work
When working on a creative project most of us get stuck at some point and it’s great to be able to share opinions on how to move forward. If we don’t want to actually take part in the activity of the month we bring any current project and just “work and watch”.
Although we have a lot of members we know that most of us are too busy to attend every session so there is always room for more. Most months the attendance varies between seven and twelve. More members mean more ideas to share.

Group Convener : Rose Slayden

The Group meets in members’ homes on the first Tuesday of every month, 10 a.m. – noon.

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