Singing: Part Songs and Harmonising

Harmonising and Singing Parts
The sessions will be suitable for people who are trying to develop their skills. They are not lead by a music specialist. Participants are encouraged to contribute their skills and anyone willing and able can improve the sessions or take over!
Gain the confidence to create a harmony while others sing the main song. Instinctive harmonising unless someone volunteers to develop our musical understanding. This might develop into a harmony recorded on a score for future use.
Part singing
(initially 2 parts) with scores but prior skilled sight reading is not essential – you will develop some skill. A piano and a keyboard are available to help us learn our parts. I am willing to provide scores and can make copies of any provided by participants.
You need a folder of some sort and should bring pencil and rubber… and a small note book

☐ Frequency: Fortnightly
☐ When : Every other Wednesday, 2 – 3.30 p.m. followed by tea/coffee
☐ Where : Grove Avenue, N10

Group Convener: Anne Heagney

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