Role of Light Refreshment Organiser

The role of Light Refreshment Organiser (LRO) involves organising the delivery and supply of drink, and maybe biscuits, for any CEDu3a event that requires just the basics (tea/coffee, biscuits). Secondly, to make sure that one or two volunteers attend the event (not always yourself). The most common event needing this service is the Monthly meetings in the Union Church.
The LRO will be given a list of anyone who has volunteered to do this, and will be responsible for updating the list. If more volunteers are needed on the list, the LRO should consult the Volunteer Co-ordinators to find more.
Before the meeting the volunteers are required to buy and take along milk and anything that has run out (e.g. tea, coffee, sugar or biscuits). Receipts need to be kept to reclaim the money spent.

The volunteers will put out milk, sugar and biscuits, and make and serve the teas and coffees. They will be responsible for washing-up and clearing away.

An important part of the LRO’s role is to encourage the other volunteers, and show that their contribution is appreciated.

Previous procedure

Spare supplies (of tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits) were kept in a couple of clear plastic boxes at the Union Church, and the person who used to put out the chairs used to retrieve the boxes from the loft, (above one of the toilets), before every meeting, and put them back afterwards.
The volunteers would need to find out the current procedure for storage, and keep a good relationship with this person.
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