Risk assessment

Latest Advice from National U3A

The National U3A has issued on 14 September 2020 a revised guidance document with regard to the resumption of group activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance applies to both indoor and outdoor activities.
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The guidance points out:
  the importance of considering the needs of the vulnerable and most vulnerable who have been asked to continue shielding.
  the importance of any group intending to meet face to face to carry out a full risk assessment
  the vital importance of full social distancing – at least 2 metres or 1 metre with actions taken to reduce the risk of transmission, for example face masks.
  the requirement to record attendance of any U3A face-to-face activity for NHS Track and Trace
  that up to 6 members are able to meet in a private home as long as the precautions as set out on pages 5-6 of the guidance are observed.
  that arrangements for outdoor activities – remain unchanged.

Risk Assessment

Before any CEDU3A group resumes after suspension due to COVID-19 a risk assessment form must be completed by both the Group Convener and potential participants in the group activity, and submitted to the Groups Co-ordinator for agreement.
Download the risk assessment form
  Once completed the form should be returned to the Group Convener/Organiser by the member who having reviewed the Activity Checklist and Before Activity Personal Checklist, to be signed and dated, confirming that they are able to take part.
  The Group Convener/Organiser will contact the Groups’ Coordinator to confirm that the activity can go ahead.


Any activity organised contrary to the latest Government guidance and U3A National guidance will not be endorsed by CEDU3A nor covered by National U3A public liability insurance. Care should be taken to ensure that informal activities involving U3A members are not misconstrued as endorsed CEDU3A events.