Risk assessment for outdoor activities

Latest guidance from National U3A
  Please note existing restrictions continue to stand in relation to any indoor activities. This change in guidance from the National U3A applies only to outdoor activities which may be possible to restart following the latest Government guidance and subject to the completion of and agreement to a satisfactory risk assessment.

  Since the Government has updated the guidance on measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak and limit its spread, questions have arisen about whether these recent changes permit outdoor activities.
  The U3A National Office has now issued guidance on this together with risk assessment checklists for both for the activity itself and for each member who might attend such an activity.
  There are a number of factors to consider:
► the requirement to stay 2 metres away from any member outside your household
► a limit of 6 people meeting outdoors to include people you do not live with in a public outdoor space, private garden or uncovered roof or terrace
► the particular needs of those 70+ and those clinically vulnerable, extremely vulnerable who have been advised to continue shielding
  Before any CEDU3A group decides to meet for an outside activity a risk assessment form must be completed and submitted to the Groups Co-ordinator for agreement.
  The risk assessment form may be downloaded and completed by both the Group Convener and potential participants in the activity.
  Once completed by all, the form should be returned to Groups’ Coordinator at groups@cedu3a.org.uk, together with a list (initials only) of those members who having reviewed the risk check list together with their personal outcomes consider that they can safely take part.
  The Groups Coordinator will contact the Convener once it has been agreed that it is safe for the activity to take place.
Download the risk assessment form

About the form

Thes form comprises:
The Convener/group organiser should should complete the risk assessment form.This is to identify overall hazards and risks involved in the activity and how government guidelines may be accommodated.
All group members should review their Before Activity Personal Checklist, completed Part 1. Activity Checklist Outcomes and complete the attached form Part 2. Personal Checklist Outcomes.
This second part, considers the Covid 19 risks and hazards that taking part poses to the individual. It is our advice that everyone completes Personal Checklist Outcomes: this is important because of differing requirements for people with different health. You are advised that this should therefore take into account:

► a. A members physical health and underlying issues
► b. Age
► c. The health and circumstances of those they may be living with or isolating with in their household.

Important reminder to all members

Any activity organised contrary to the latest Government Guidance and U3A National Guidance will not be endorsed by CEDU3A nor covered by National U3A public liability insurance. Care should be taken to ensure that activities involving U3A members are not misconstrued as CEDU3A events. For example, by referring to it as an ‘informal activity’ as against a ‘formal activity’ the activity could still appear to be endorsed by the U3A. Any group meeting in thisway are advised not to do so as they will be doing so at their own risk, although clearly any group of friends can meet up within the terms of the national regulations.