Executive Committee

Trustee Members

Sally Whitaker
email : chair@cedu3a.org.uk

Graham Bennett
email : vicechair&cedu3a.org.uk
Speaker Organiser
email : speakers@cedu3a.org.uk
New Groups Organiser
email : newgroups@cedu3a.org.uk
Brenda Dardelin
Beacon Administrator
email : cedu3a@gmx.com
John Hinshelwood
email : johnhinshelwood@btinternet.com
Llorett Kemplen
email : nmsc&cedu3a.org.uk
Jackie Langford
email : secretary@cedu3a.org.uk
Diana Pavey
Groups Coordinator
email : groups@cedu3a.org.uk
Charlie Sharp
Membership Secretary
email : membership@cedu3a.org.uk
Andrew Sich
email : treasurer@cedu3a.org.uk

Non-Trustee Members

Roslyn Byfield
email : inclusion@cedu3a.org.uk
Louise McCullagh
Bulletin editor
email : bulletin@cedu3a.org.uk
Julian Osley
Website manager
email : webmanager@cedu3a.org.uk

Other Team Members

Community Listings Editor
Chris Howe
email : listings@cedu3a.org.uk
Volunteers Co-ordinators
Beatrice Murray
Jenny Bryant
email : volunteers@cedu3a.org.uk

Our Groups Team

Diana Pavey (team leader) is the groups coordinator, with overall responsibility for coordinating all group activity and providing support to established groups. Diana
• is the contact point for information, queries, issues, concerns from conveners, members
• represents groups interests on the Executive Committee
• maintains, updates and distributes guidance notes for conveners
• organises conveners meetings and oversees organisation of the annual Open Day
• helps in dealing with waiting lists and setting up further groups
Diana may be contacted on groups@cedu.org.uk
Graham Bennett is new groups organiser. Graham
• develops ideas for new groups
• draws up the web page together with the convener and ensures that the group is promoted on the website, in bulletins and at monthly meeting
• supports conveners until the group is established
• helps with the organisation of the annual Open Day, conveners meetings and the members satisfaction questionnaire
Graham may be contacted on newgroups@cedu3a.org.uk
Ed Allen is Groups Beacon support working with all conveners. Ed
• helps convenes to use the Beacon membership system
• explains the benefits of Beacon
Ed may be contacted on beacon2@cedu3a.org.uk
Carl Parker is groups data analyst and technical support contact. Carl
• works with other team members devising and analysing questionnaires
• updates the list of venues available for events and groups
Carl may be contacted on data@cedu3a.org.uk
Both Carl and Ed provide support on a range of tasks, including the annual Open Day and conveners meetings.