Our Outings

2nd November 2017

Eleven birdwatchers set out on a beautiful, autumn morning for our very first group birdwatch. In bright sunshine we walked quietly through the cricket grounds, alongside the Shepherd’s Hill allotments and into Queen’s Wood. As leaves slowly cascaded from oaks and hornbeams, we stopped to practise our listening and observational skills and got to grips with our binoculars. We were eventually rewarded with a range of the most common birds – jays, wood pigeons, magpies, blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, ring-necked parakeets (flying low over our heads) and crows. We identified several robins robustly maintaining their territories, caught an exciting glimpse of a foraging tree creeper and heard a woodpecker. At the end of almost two hours we retired to thelocal cafes and agreed it had been a pretty good start!

Next outing – Walthamstow Wetlands