Mosaic can bring life and interest to all parts of the home and garden and in this group we hope to help you create a variety of decorative items using different techniques and materials.
While the weather is still fine and we have the opportunity to work outside, we will start with a stepping stone for the garden using broken ceramic on a concrete base. Further projects using this technique could include making a bird bath or decorating a terracotta pot.
Later sessions will cover how to cut mosaic tiles and stained glass to provide decoration for mirror surrounds, bowls, tea pot stands and lots more. You will find that mosaic making quickly becomes addictive and no surface will be safe from your imagination.

Both conveners are self-taught but have lots of experience making different types of mosaic and are happy to share what they know. They also have lots of materials to donate. However, participants will be expected to pay for the bases on which they work, such as a stepping stone, an IKEA mirror or bowl, a polystyrene ball or a terracotta saucer. It is estimated that these costs will range from £5 – £10 per item, not per session.
Sessions will be held fortnightly and each project will take at least two sessions, at least one to decorate and one to grout and clean. Participants must, therefore, be able to commit to regular attendance. Numbers will be strictly limited since the group will meet in the conveners’ homes. To register your request to join, please complete the form below and you will be put on the mailing list to receive further updates.

Group Conveners: Sally Geeve and Jacqui Osley

The Group meets alternately in Muswell Hill and Crouch End fortnightly on Tuesdays, 10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m., starting on 17 September 2019. Both venues involve stairs.

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