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Our programmes will be developed to reflect members’ interests, but will generally focus on the rural/urban fringe of London easily accessible by public transport. Some of our walks will be circular, while others may be linear (for example sections of long distance paths). We will also visit a variety of landscapes, including parks and woodland, historic village centres, and canal and riverside paths as well as open countryside and hills.

There are currently two longer walking groups
Group 1 walks on the second Thursday of each month

Group 2 walks on the [ … day of each month]

  Group Conveners : Group 1 (John Hemingway). Group 2 (Name of convener(s).
  If you are interested in joining the Longer Walks Group, please complete the application form:

    Apply to join the Longer Walks Group



    Membership No.

    Group preference:

    Please choose one of the following: Group 1, Group 2, or Either Group

    How to book a walk

      Bookings are accepted only from CEDU3A members who are members of the Longer Walkers Group.
    [The following to be amended/deleted before any re-launch]
    Regrettably, because of the restrictions imposed upon us by COVID-19, the Group is currently not open to new members.
      Complete the booking form below the walk description.
      Bookings made before the advertised date & time will not be accepted.
    What happens next?
      Places are allocated on a first come/first served basis [or whatever method of selection is chosen]
      On receipt of your booking request the Group Convener will contact you to confirm whether there is a place available for you. It may take up to a week before you receive confirmation or otherwise of your booking request.
      Successful applicants will then be emailed an approved risk assessment and a personal safety checklist by the Group Convener.
      Participants must confirm by email that they have read the risk assessment, that they agree to abide by the measures outlined within it and that they have reviewed their own personal health and circumstances and that they can take part without adverse risk to themselves or any one in their household.
      Participants who fail to email their confirmation will not be permitted to join the walk.

    Upcoming walks

    Group 1
    Walk date
    Walk title
    Walk distance
    Booking opens at midday …

    Walk description
    Booking form [to be directed to Group 1 convener]

    Group 2
    Walk date
    Walk title
    Walk distance
    Booking opens at midday …

    Walk description
    Booking form [to be directed to Group 2 convener]

    To help ensure that participants safely enjoy their walks during the pandemic, it is essential that they have read the COVID-19 advice to walkers document, This supplements our walks etiquette document, which contains common sense advice to ensure everyone’s safety. There is also advice about suitable clothing, and bringing dogs on walks.
    ▷ COVID-19 Advice to walkers
    ▷ Walks etiquette
    ▷ What to wear and bring
    ▷ Dogs on walks
      Whenever possible the walk leader will have received Emergency First Aid training.
      Arrangements for lunchtime will form part of the walk description. Walk participants will bring their own food and drink.

      Members who feel confident enough are encouraged to devise and lead walks. They will be fully supported by the Group Conveners and other members of the Group in the planning and execution.

    Completed walks

    ▷ London Loop Walk
    ▷ Longer Walks 2017
    ▷ Longer Walks 2018
    ▷ Longer Walks 2019
    ▷ Longer Walks 2020
    ▷ Longer Walks 2021