Local History : Further Research

Meetings will be informal and will allow members of the group to discuss approaches to projects they have started, or are thinking of starting either as an individual or in collaboration with others.
Individual members will benefit from a form of peer review of their work and be able to draw on the experience of all members of the group. All members will benefit from a wider exposure to other knowledge of methods of research than they would otherwise have working on their own. Any members wishing to develop a joint research projects will be able to use the group for coordinating different strands of work.
The actual agenda for each meeting will be determined by the needs of those attending and who wish to present the results of their research.
This group, for paid up U3A members only, is an addition to the monthly Public Local History Surgery run by John Hinshelwood, which provides individuals with advice and guidance, at the Hornsey Historical Society. If you are interested, email hornseyhistoricalsurgery@gmail.com

◻︎ When : First Saturday of the month at 2.30 p.m.
◻︎ Where : Hornsey Historical Society’s Old School House, 136 Tottenham Lane, N8 7EL