How to keep in touch

There have been a number of enquiries about how members can keep in touch with each other during this lengthy period of social distancing. Here are a few possibilities.

Social media

Why not join the Crouch End & District u3a Facebook Group?. This very active Group currently has over 250 members and provides a discussion forum on all matters to do with CEDU3A. A great way to keep in touch, although an Facebook account is required.
Groups may like to think about setting up an invitation only Facebook Group. There are a number of YouTube videos to explain how to set one up. All participants must have Facebook accounts.
WhatsApp is a free messaging app that allows you to send messages, videos and images or make calls to other WhatsApp users. It allows the setting up of groups, and some of our interest groups already use WhatsApp for their internal communications.
The Crouch End & District u3a does have a Twitter account: good for short messages, and allows uploading of images and video. It is possible to set up Group Twitter accounts.

Connecting Groups

Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform which is being used by over 20 interest groups and for online monthly talks .
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For Google Chrome users Google Hangouts allows group video calls for free for up to 150 participants. Google Hangouts has been successfully used by Book Group 1
According to Microsoft Skype to Skype calling lets you make free calls online for up to 50 people (49 plus you!) for audio or video conferencing on any device. 
For users with iPhones, iPads or Macs, Facetime allows you to add 30 people to a group FaceTime call.
Coffee & Computers have compiled a guide to the various group calling options on their Coronavirus Support Resources page.
  Please note that these services are listed for information only, and are not in anyway recommended by the Crouch End & District u3a. Please note also that Crouch End & District u3a is not in a position to offer technical advice on these services.