Writing for Wellbeing

Writing seems beneficial when you are trying to make sense of an event you don’t yet understand (Pennebaker & Evans, 2014)

The Group is aimed at people who are interested in exploring feelings around transitions. You may have recently retired, been bereaved, suffered an illness, are going through a divorce, your children have recently left home, or experiencing another similar transition

❑ This series of six weekly workshops will allow you to explore your feelings using short, gentle writing activities, with sharing and discussion in a mutually supportive atmosphere. We will touch on themes such as letting go of the old, passing through the (sometimes painful) in between and looking forward to new beginnings

❑ Each session will involve writing for no longer 2-6 minutes, after which we will share our thoughts about what we have written, though no pressure to do this if you prefer not to. No writing experience is necessary, no need to worry about spelling or grammar or the quality or length of your writing, anything is fine, even writing just one word!

Jo Eastop (Workshop Leader)

❑ Jo has an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. She has been facilitating writing for wellbeing groups since 2019, on subjects including life transitions, the impact of the pandemic and retirement

Workshop leader’s home in Crouch End, N8
Next series of workshops to be arranged
2 – 4 p.m.

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    Updated October 2023