Writing 3

Writing Group 3 is open to all who have a love of the written word, providing an opportunity to explore a range of styles, write within a supportive group, sharing ideas and ultimately having fun.
  At every meeting, each group decides on a topic for ‘homework’. There is no pressure to do the homework. Also, anyone can write about any subject. It does not have to be around the chosen topic. There is a word limit of around 500 words for each piece, so that everyone has the opportunity to read out their work at each session. Bring pen / pencil / paper / notebook / examples/something to lean on / an open mind. Biscuit rotation!
  Group Convener : Ann Doyle

The Group meets at a home in Hornsey, N8 once a month on a Wednesday, from 11 a.m.`The number of places available per meeting is 8.

Currently meeting via Zoom

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