Wine Explorers

A group for wine enthusiasts to explore wines we may not normally buy and to share our thoughts on the wines in a sociable small group setting. The wines will generally be in the £8-£15 range and available from local suppliers

❑ The tastings are often held at the Conveners’ home, but hosting is also undertaken occasionally by those members who feel able to make this commitment

❑ Each evening has a theme to be agreed by the group in advance. For each meeting, the conveners purchase the wine. There will be 5/6 wines to taste and an additional 2 bottles for drinking. Examples of themes are:
◦ Portuguese wines
◦ English wines
◦ New world vs old world (e.g. (or Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon)

❑ Accompanying food will be provided by the host (cost covered by the fee for the night)


Roger Barrowcliffe and Sue Barrowcliffe (Group Conveners)

Second Wednesday of the month
7 p.m.
Group members’ homes
Maximum of ten participants per meeting
£The cost is £20 per meeting

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    Updated October 2023