Wine Appreciation

A sociable group who likes and wants to understand more about wine and perhaps fortified wines and gins. A theme is generally selected by group members in advance and so far has included Rioja, Beyond Prosecco, Old and New World Wines, unusual grape varieties, regional Italian wines and more. We also run more formal wine tasting sessions, facilitated by Luisa Welch, a professional wine educator, another member of the group or an external facilitator, followed by a social evening with food prepared by the host (costs reimburseable), usually the member in whose house we are meeting.
  Sometimes we have a bring a bottle session, where members are invited to bring a bottle of wine which they have researched in respect of its provenance and present to the group.
  At each meeting we charge between £10.00 and £15.00 (payable at the meeting), to cover 5/6 wines for tasting plus 2 bottles for drinking with food. As costs are incurred in advance of the meeting it is important that members commit to attending regularly. Any surplus goes to support a Summer/Yuletide event.

First Thursday of every month, 7 – 9 p.m.
Group members’ homes or other venues
  Group Conveners : Ed Allen, Diana Pavey, Kathy McHale

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    Photograph © Liz Hart