The group started off at a relatively low level but continued playing during lockdown via Zoom sessions which enabled great improvements to be made which means that it is now unsuitable for beginners.

  It is hoped that a separate group for beginners will be able to start later this year, 2022, ideally when the current high levels of infection have reduced. The group will use song as the foundation of playing and there are still risks inherent in this activity.

  Songs are chosen by the group and the current repertoire is more than 100 different numbers from the simple two or three chord songs that the group started with to quite advanced melodies involving many chord changes and techniques.

Second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 2 p.m.
Transmitter Hall, Alexandra Palace, N22
  Group Conveners : Paul Soper and Michael Williamson

  Status at May 2022

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    Updated May 2022