Textile Outings and More

A group for members wishing to share the Group Convener’s love of textiles and basketry, including printed, knitted, knotted, woven, felted and embroidered textiles for fashion, upholstery, the home, and art. We visit exhibitions in a variety of settings including large well-known museums and galleries but also small, less-known, more intimate, gallery and other spaces

❑ Some exhibition visits are organised up to a month in advance, but others might need to be at short notice via Whatsapp. Ideas of places to visit from group members are most welcome.

❑ Venues will be a mixture of ‘free to enter’ and some with an entrance fee. Information will be provided whether Museum Association and Art Fund cards are accepted, or there is a concessionary rate

❑ All outings should be accessible by public transport. They will be mainly in London but could also be further afield if there is something particularly interesting

❑ Numbers per visit will depend on venue. Hopefully there will also be an opportunity to have a drink together after the exhibition

Natalie Lyons (Group Convener)

Day of the week varies
For each visit the maximum group size will be between seven and fifteen participants, depending on the venue

Monday 22nd or Thursday 25th April 2024

🟩  Prism Textiles exhibition Edgelands at The Art Pavilion, Mile End

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    Updated October 2023