Singing for Fun

A group for people who would like the opportunity to sing with others. You’re equally welcome whether you sing regularly, or you’ve been told you ‘can’t sing’, and whether or not you’ve sung in groups or choirs in the past. 
  Words are provided. Our song book gets a new page most sessions, usually songs which members suggest. No scores, no piano or guitar; just voices to sing along with, and the words.
  Whenever we are singing a song well together, you’re welcome to try harmonising. No criticism if you sing the ‘wrong’ note, or at the ‘wrong’ time. We will sing for an hour, and then have a drink and a chat.

  Group Convener : Anne Heagney

The Group meets in a garden at Grove Avenue, N10, fortnightly on Wednesdays, 2 – 3 p.m., via Zoom every other Wednesday
There is a long front garden with sets of three steps which can be avoided by walking up side slope : then three stairs into the house. ​​​​

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