Sing and Sip

This group is an evening session for people who would like to have a relaxed evening with other members. Song words will be provided and members can take turn choosing which to sing. Members will be expected to sing but there will be an opportunity to chat too. The quality of the singing will not be judged! Members can suggest more songs to add future sessions. Initially the drinks (alcohol and other) will be provided by the host but a contribution will be collected. The sessions will develop over time as the majority decide.

First Monday evening of the month, 7-9 p.m.
Group conveners’ home in Grove Avenue, Muswell Hill, N10. There are sufficient parking opportunities on the road and in the Avenue very close by. A nearby bus stop is 25 minutes from Crouch End.
There is a long front garden with sets of three steps which can be avoided by walking up a side slope, then three stairs into the house.

  Group Conveners: Anne Heagney and Brian Heagney

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