Science & Technology

A group for anyone with a general interest in science and technology (and their histories). Most sessions will be study and discuss: either one person presenting a topic they are familiar with, or several members introducing short reviews of scientific interest stories from the media.
  We will tackle everything from the science of everyday to some of those big tricky questions. We aim to have at least one visit per term to one of the many science / technology related sites in London.

First Monday of every month at 2 p.m.
  Currently meeting via Zoom

  Group Convener : Clare Smallman

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    Upcoming meetings

    6 December 2021 – a pub lunch with a science secret Santa

    8 January 2022 – to be announced, possible a a science themed visit, featuring a guided tour

    7 February 2022 – Charlie : All at sea with the Vikings, Viking naval technology and navigation

    7 March 2022 – Alan : What really goes on at a sewage works

    4 April 2022 – Rob J : A history of alchemy 2 May 2022 – Clive :L Understanding ourselves, the limits of neuroscience

    6 June 2022 : Book reviews