Science and Technology

Group Convener
Clare Smallman

A group for anyone with a general interest in science and technology (and their histories). Most sessions will be study and discuss: either one person presenting a topic they are familiar with, or several members introducing short reviews of scientific interest stories from the media. We will tackle everything from the science of everyday to some of those big tricky questions

When and where
First Monday of the month
2 p.m. if a Zoom meeting, 2 p.m. for 2.30 p.m. if in a group member’s home
Group members’ homes or via Zoom
For meetings in group members’ homes, the convener checks any access issues, for example, steps
The maximum of participants per meeting is per Zoom meeting is sixteen, twelve for a meeting in a group member’s home
Current Group Status
✅ Open to new members

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    Updated October 2023