Outings in 2021

July 2021

Gagosian Gallery

A visit to the exhibition of Helen Frankenthaler paintings, followed by a good cafe visit. Some of these had never been exhibited before. She said: ‘I had the landscape in my arms when I painted it. I had the landscapes in my mind and shoulder and wrist’.

Pontone Gallery

A group of us visited the Timothy Spall exhibition at the Pontone private gallery in Fitzrovia. It’s very impressive that Spall only developed this talent when preparing for the role of Turner in the eponymous film a couple of years ago. The main theme seemed to be strong light, including sunsets, contrasting with severely dark and geometric buildings. It only took a short time to go round but interesting and good to chat with members in a cafe afterwards.

June 2021

Olden Community Garden

Visits to the Olden Garden (only 6 at a time is the management’s preference), but each time members have loved this little gem. On Saturday 19th June some of us walked across the blissfully uncrowded Gillespie Nature Reserve to reach the garden in Drayton Park, and after the visit we decamped to a local cafe and had a good conversation about language learning amongst other things!

The Art of Banksy exhibition

Over 100 of his works were on display in Earlham Street, Covent Garden – gloriously irreverent, illustrating Banksy’s capacity to capture the zeitgeist.

May 2021

Omved Gardens

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Olden Community Garden

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Pallant House Gallery

Outings Group member Chris Hollitzer writes:

The Outings group had a splendid trip to Chichester, primarily to visit the Pallant House Gallery. We prefaced it with a look around the magnificent 12th century cathedral. The highlights for me, apart from the Norman architecture, being the Marc Chagall stained glass window and the John Piper tapestry.
The exhibition Degas to Picasso – international modern masters was curated from Pallant’s own substantial collection. It showed a wide range of artists and pleasingly many whose work was previously unknown to me. In particular the work of Hans Feibusch struck a chord, with an Expressionist use of colour and an intense vision.
I later discovered he was a German artist, muralist and sculptor who emigrated to the UK in 1933, where he lived until his death just a month short of his 100th birthday. There are over 40 of his murals, mostly in Anglican churches, and many in the Chichester diocese. After his death his estate bequeathed the entire contents of his north London studio to Pallant House. A great discovery for me.

April 2021

Wood Green to Woodberry Wetlands

Starting and ending at Wood Green (Café Corso on Ringslade Road, though other collection points possible), a 3 hour walk southwards along the New River path to Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve and back.

New River Path

Starting and ending at Wood Green (Café Corso on Ringslade Road), a 90 minute walk northwards along the New River path to where coots were nesting near Palmers Green and back.

Bluebells at Osterley House