We are so lucky these days to have opera shown in local cinemas at a fraction of the cost of an opera house (let alone the flight to New York). We can already see productions from the New York Met, Covent Garden and Glyndebourne.
  We see the live streaming of operas (you buy your own ticket) and then walk a couple of minutes to a member’s house across the road in Rosebery Gardens for a drink and a chat
  There is no limit on the numbers joining the group and all members get a monthly update on what is happening in the world of opera but, as the after-show socials are in a domestic environment, numbers for these are limited to a maximum of 12

The group meets when there is an opera showing. These are usually in the evening (New York Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on Saturdays), with some matinées
Picturehouse and sometimes ArtHouse cinemas, both on Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, N8

  Group Convener : Alan Whitehouse

  Status at May 2022
  New members welcome

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    Updated May 2022