Mosaic can bring life and interest to all parts of the home and garden and in this group we hope to help you create a variety of decorative items using different techniques and materials.
  Sessions will cover how to cut mosaic tiles and stained glass to provide decoration for mirror surrounds, bowls, tea pot stands and lots more. You will find that mosaic making quickly becomes addictive and no surface will be safe from your imagination.

  Mosaic materials will be donated by the Convener from her stash, but participants will be expected to pay for the bases on which they work, such as a stepping stone, an IKEA mirror or bowl, a polystyrene ball or a terracotta saucer. It is estimated that these costs will range from £5 – £10 per item, not per session.

  Group Convener : Jacqui Osley

  The Group meets in Crouch End once a month for beginners on the 3rd Tuesday of the month between 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. and intermediate sessions, for those who have completed the beginners’ programme will be on various Wednesdays.
  Access to the venue involves stairs.

  Both groups are waiting list only at the moment but if you are interested, please fill in the form below and you will be contacted when the next beginners’ programme starts.

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    Over two week in June 2021 our mosaicists have been hard at work on a new project – to decorate the top of a small side table. Here is how they are progressing …




    The tables need to be grouted at home before they can be revealed in all their glory, but they are already looking good.