How to book a Middle Way walk

Complete the booking form below the walk description of an upcoming walk on the advertised date and time

❑ The booking window for a walk usually opens on the Wednesday two weeks before a walk, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

❑ On the booking form members are given the option of specifying the date on which they would like to join the walk

❑ Any bookings made after the window closes will be accepted if space is available

❑ We attempt to allocate a space to each applicant, but those who continually cancel may be put on a waiting list

❑ Successful applicants will then be emailed an approved risk assessment and a personal safety checklist by the Group Convener. This may inckude a requirement to wear a face covering when travelling to and from the walk on any type of public transport

❑ Participants must confirm by email that they have read the risk assessment, that they agree to abide by the measures outlined within it and that they have reviewed their own personal health and circumstances and that they can take part without adverse risk to themselves or any one in their household

❑ Participants who fail to email their confirmation will not be permitted to join the walk.

❑ Any member who has not applied to join a walk in four months may be dropped from the Group. Please notify the Group Conveners if you need an extended break from the walks to avoid being dropped