Middle Way Walkers

  COVID-19 update

As u3a members we continue to have a responsibility to ourselves and others to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. This means u3a group walks will only take place after the completion of a thorough risk assessment. This includes a requirement for individual members to confirm that it is appropriate for them to join the group. As part of the risk assessment, u3a members travelling to and from walks must wear a face covering while on public transport (unless of course they have a legitimate exemption). If as an individual member you feel unable to comply with this requirement, then I am afraid that you will not be able to request a place on a walk.
Jane Saunders & Gill Shiel, Conveners, Middle Way Walkers Group

The Middle Way Walkers Group offers a programme of day walks in the Greater London area and surrounding countryside, primarily aimed at those who like to walk up to a 9 mile upper limit at a moderate walking pace. All our walks are accessible by public transport.
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Third Wednesday and normally the following Monday of every month for an all day walk
  The number of places available per walk is 15 (including the group leaders)
  Walks must be booked in advance

  Group Conveners : Jane Saunders and Gill Shiel

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      How to book a walk

      Bookings are accepted only from members of the Middle Way Walkers Group.
      Complete the booking form below the walk description.
      On receipt of your booking request the Group Convener will contact you to confirm whether there is a place available for you. It may take up to a week before you receive confirmation or otherwise of your booking request.
    Risk assessment
      On receipt of your confirmation you will be emailed an approved risk assessment and a personal safety checklist by the Group Convener.
      You must confirm by email that you have read the risk assessment, that you agree to abide by the measures outlined within it and that you have reviewed your own personal health and circumstances and that you can take part without adverse risk to yourself or any one in your household.
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