Essential information for walkers

It is the aim of the Group that all participants enjoy the walks programme to the full, while staying safe and healthy

❑ The documents on this page are designed to support that objective, so it is essential that any member of the group has read and understands them

❑ Our ground rules are supplemented by specific advice on suitable clothing/equipment together with a description of the risk assessment process and what happens in the event of accident or illness on a walk. There is also a statement about our group policy on dogs on walks

Dogs on walks

❑ Given the additional responsibility it places on all of a group’s walkers, together with the potential for conflict, members are not permitted to bring dogs on CEDu3a Longer Walks Group walks

❑ In order to comply with the 2010 Equality Act, the only exception to this is where a member needs to be accompanied by an assistance dog*

❑ If you are a member of the group and would like to walk with your assistance dog please get in touch with the group convener to discuss the nature and suitability of the walk

* Assistance dogs are dogs that have been trained in order to provide assistance to disabled people and those with certain medical conditions such as epilepsy.