Longer Walks

  COVID-19 update

As u3a members we continue to have a responsibility to ourselves and others to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. This means u3a group walks will only take place after the completion of a thorough risk assessment. This includes a requirement for individual members to confirm that it is appropriate for them to join the group. As part of the risk assessment, u3a members travelling to and from walks must wear a face covering while on public transport (unless of course they have a legitimate exemption).If as an individual member you feel unable to comply with this requirement, then I am afraid that you will not be able to request a place on a walk.
John Hemingway and Annie Hemingway, Conveners, Longer Walks Group

Our programme will be developed to reflect members’ interests, but will generally focus on the rural/urban fringe of London easily accessible by public transport. Some of our walks will be circular, while others may be linear (for example sections of long distance paths). We will also visit a variety of landscapes, including parks and woodland, historic village centres, and canal and riverside paths as well as open countryside and hills

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One walk will be offered every month. This will usually take place on the second Thursday and be repeated on the fourth Thursday
  Walks must be booked in advance

  Group Conveners : John Hemingway and Annie Hemingway

  Status at May 2022
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    Updated May 2022