The Group, a joint venture with members of Islington U3A, has evolved to around the old O-level standard. One or two members are less advanced but are happy to extend themselves; and one or two are more advanced, but we all support each other in decoding the Latin texts and improving our skills.
  Help is available if you are working at a lower level and need someone to explain grammar points or mark your ‘homework’ from your own private study.
  We prepare and translate some prose and poetry each week. We tackle grammar points as we go and study scanning poetic metre. We are a co-operative group to learn and enjoy Latin; and we can peep into an ancient mind-set. No tests, exams, failures or feeling stupid. Just some mind-stretching, and valuable insights into our own culture. If you’d like to come along and try, someone will share a book with you to get you started.
  Jan, the convener, is a qualified Classics teacher and brings along THE BIG DICTIONARY and some grammar books to help us. We mostly buy our books second hand from the wonderful Hellenic Bookstore in Kentish Town, to keep costs low.

Fortnightly on Wednesdays from 2 p.m.
All Good Bookshop, 35 Turnpike Lane, N8 0EA
  Maximum size of 10 per meeting

  Group Convener : Janice Williams. Administrator : Sandra Clark

  Status at May 2022
  Currently full
  No waiting list

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    Updated May 2022