Jazz and Improvised Music

Group Convener
Paul Soper

□ The Group explores aspects of jazz. We have focussed on the instruments that are used and how they are played and have taken the opportunity to look at the recorded works of many jazz artists. Members now actively contribute by looking at artists they enjoy

□ We don’t expect anyone to be able to read music, the hope was that it would help people to listen better, and better understand what is going on when they do, and so get more enjoyment from their musical experiences if they consider some elements of musical theory. This aspect of the group continues to feature periodically

□ Some members of the group do play and have formed an unofficial group which remains outside of the u3a structure called The Bakelites. At some of our regular sessions we will also encourage members to participate in playing any instrument of their choice, including vocals if they want or simply enjoy an excellent coffee and pastry and listen

□ The Group previously met via Zoom

When and where
Second and fourth Thursday of every month
🕝2.30 – 4 p.m.
Weston Bakery
85 Weston Park, N8 9PR
Free parking

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