Irish Interest 2

Group Convener
Peter Conlan

This group welcomes those of Irish heritage and anyone who is interested in knowing more about Ireland, its people, culture, music and history. The aim is for this to be a friendly and informal gathering. Themes we might cover include: Irish writers of literature, poetry and drama, aspects of Irish history. Irish music, art, and architecture, Irish language, Irish sports. Specific topics will come from members and will vary – e.g. research on well-known Irish women or exploring famous / infamous Irish emigrants …

□ Contributions will be completely voluntary. There is no pressure, but we will probably all like to have a say!!

When and where
Second Wednesday of every month
2.15-4.15 p.m.
McCafferty’s Bar
28 Tottenham Lane, N8 7EL
Accessible via a ramp
The maximum of participants per meeting is twelve
Current Group Status
🟨Waiting list open

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    May 2024