Advice for Interest Group members

A friendly reminder to all our members of reasonable standards of behaviour expected to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy, learn and get the most out of their group(s). Remember that interest groups only exist because of your willingness and enthusiasm to support and encourage them. The convener, like you, is a member of CEDu3a and a volunteer who takes a lead role: your help and assistance is essential in ensuring the success of the group
❑ Understand what the Group is about

Every group has a page on the CEDu3a website : this informs members of the pattern of meetings and the practices and procedures of the group. These may be clarified and confirmed over time through discussion and agreement. There are no hard and fast rules. All groups are different. Some meet regularly, say monthly, at the same place and time, while for others you are required to book each walk or visit. Some are short term groups, as with some of the craft groups. Most groups meet in members’ homes, others in local venues where specialist facilities are required as with sports groups or where space, ease of access limit the use of members’ homes

❑ Be punctual and reliable in attendance

Make every effort to let the convener know if you are unable attend a meeting, of longer term absence, or you no longer wish to remain a member of the group. Of course we understand that attendance is not always possible – three missed meetings over the year or failure to notify absence may be reasonable after which the convener will be in touch and your place may be offered to someone else. This is particularly important where groups are oversubscribed or a planned visit has a limit on numbers where poor attendance may prevent others from joining the group

❑ Respond in timely fashion to communications from your Group Convener

Confirm attendance/absence by any date requested. This may be particularly important where costs are incurred as in booking theatre visits or where perishable food has to be bought in advance. Where members are unable to attend a pre booked event at short notice costs may not be refundable. Some groups also may be run in such a way that they have more members than available places and will operate assuming that not everyone will attend every meeting. In confirming that they are unable to attend a meeting, or visit, the place may be offered to a member from the waiting list

❑ Behave respectfully and courteously, take part and become involved with your group

Welcome new members, take an interest in fellow members, be constructive and participative in discussion, give encouragement where needed. Offering to help may take many forms – such as assisting in ‘setting up’ the room, hosting a meeting, preparing a session, taking the register

❑ Observe house rules when attending meetings in members’ homes

In local venues regulations will generally apply in respect of things like smoking, vaping, dogs, food and are generally explicit. This is not the case in members’ homes. Above all respect the convener’s home. The decision as to what is permitted is theirs. If unsure raise with the host. A contribution of 50 pence towards refreshments, where applicable, is suggested

❑ Problems

As in any organisation problems may occur from time to time. In most cases these may be resolved amicably through discussion with the convener and where the problem persists or is not resolved, with the Groups Coordinator