We are not historians, but we are all fascinated by history. We try to look at the less familiar parts of the world, and explore science, trade, art and the lives of ordinary people as much as monarchs and wars. It’s fun to see the connections in the jigsaw puzzle, and we find also that many present-day problems have their roots in the past.
  We are a co-operative group; there isn’t an “expert” leader. We take it in turns to research a subject and then present what we’ve learnt to the group. A talk may take five minutes, or an hour. Our experience is that members, however new to history, find it surprisingly easy to gather the facts and talk with ease in what is a small, friendly and supportive group.
  At the moment we are in the seventeenth century. We started in the Roman world, and then explored the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. When next?

Every other Wednesday, 10 – 11.30 a.m.
Group members’ home in Stroud Green, N4

  Group Convener : David Pashley

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    The photos are of Krito, mourning the death of her mother, Timarista (c.410 BC); poor King Harold (1066); and Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and women’s rights campaigner (1792-1892).
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    Updated September 2021