Historical Fiction Book Group

Group Conveners
Jenny Bryant and Scott James

□ A group for occasional readers who enjoy historical fiction, a genre that fictionalizes real places, people, and events. It takes place in the past with accurate historical details in regard to customs, technologies, people, and events. Authors we have read so far include Stephan Zweig, Alice Hoffman, Shusaku Endo, Clare Clark, Andrew Miller, Sally Magnusson

Books read and discussed ›

□ Each month, in turn, a member of the Group suggests three historical fiction books. The Historical Novel Society is a useful source of ideas when choosing a book

□ A brief summary, giving setting, date, topic, and number of pages, is sent to the Convener at least ten days before the meeting when a book is to be selected. The other members vote for one of these books to be read by another month

□ The agreed qualities of any book presented to the group for possible selection:

○ The book should be historical fiction

○ The book must be 300-400* pages long. One book, out of the three a member presents, may be slightly over 400 pages

○ The book must be currently available in paperback!

When and where
Fourth Wednesday of the month
3 p.m.
Maynard Arms
70 Park Road, Crouch End, N8 8SX
No step free access
One step at the main entrance, one step at the side entrance
Current Group Status
🟨Waiting list open

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    Updated October 2023