Healthy Eating Lunch Group

Group Convener
Liz London

□ Members of the group have three choices:

○ The Bring-a-Dish group which meets in various members’ homes on the second Monday of each month. Everyone brings a dish, the emphasis being on healthy and delicious home-made food for everyone to try. The menu will be co-ordinated beforehand by the convener, and members will get helpful suggestions and recipes if needed. As well as being social events these lunches offer the opportunity to talk about healthy food, and share ideas and recipes

○ The Meet at Hokka group meets at Hokka Brasserie, 22-24 Stroud Green Road, N4 3AE, once a month, as before, but not necessarily on a Monday. The group decides which days suit them best

□ Members can belong to either or both of these groups, and as far as possible they will be held on different days

Current Group Status
✅ Open to new members

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