Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Members of the Group visited the  Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It was founded in 1860 and holds an internationally renowned collection of natural history specimens representing billions of years of earth’s history and evolution

A special exhibition, First Animals, showed the ‘Cambrian Explosion’, 540 million years ago when life on earth started evolving to the rich diversity we have today. The strange creatures that lived beneath the sea then had the beginnings of the body plans of all the creatures on earth today. The exhibition included rare fossils from China, Greenland and Canada on their first visit to Britain! Elsewhere were dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, rocks of all descriptions and a meteorite as old as earth itself

We were also able to visit the adjoining Pitt Rivers Museum which is crammed with archaeological and anthropological artefacts including dried human heads! All this is displayed in a grand neo-Gothic building. Thanks to Heather and Jon for organising a very successful day