Gardens and Gardening

There are many possibilities in the topic of gardens, so we have set out some overall themes, along with some more specific ideas about how to grow and nurture our garden interests. We would like to hear what people think of these, and are open to other ideas as well – it is your group.
  Our themes are: Sharing practical tips, seasonal themes, types of plant, visiting gardens, garden design, practical work   We will also make visits to gardens in the London area, and maybe to members’ plant containers, gardens and allotments.
▷ Find out more about the Group’s activities on the CEDu3a Facebook Group pages

Third Tuesday of every month, 10 – 11.30 a.m.
  Some garden visits have retricted numbers
  Group Conveners : Mary Bailey and Rebecca Harrington

  Status at May 2022
  New members welcome

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    Updated May 2022