Fringe Theatre


  There is a wealth of fringe and local theatre to explore in London. We define fringe broadly, virtually anything but the big West End names. So we may go to the Young Vic as well as the Gatehouse in Highgate. The Off West End website lists about a hundred venues, so there is a lot to see in pubs and halls as well as theatres proper. There is a wide range of genres to delve into from the classics to musicals, drama to pantomime, dance to comedy.
  We will aim for lower prices (£12-£30-ish), and the idea is that members buy their own tickets beforehand from a programme we will send out by email well in advance. We will meet in the theatre bar or a nearby cafe or pub, and maybe stay to chat afterwards.

  Group conveners : Gill Shiel and Jane Saunders

The Group will meet in the theatre bar or nearby cafe. There will be both evening and matinee performances, with a preference often for Mondays and Tuesdays.

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