Fringe Theatre

Group Conveners
Tricia Ward and Wendy Boast

The group explores the wide variety of fringe events London has to offer. There are plenty theatres in London, many not too far away, offering a different experience from the larger West End venues. Fringe theatre is that which is produced outside the main theatre institutions. It is often but not exclusively small-scale and non-traditional in style.

❑ There is a range of genres to delve into from the classics to musicals, drama to comedy, dance to revues. Venues include tiny theatre spaces, pubs, outdoor theatres and well-established venues such as the Hampstead Theatre and the Almeida. We will give preference to local theatres such as the Park and the Gatehouse

❑  Wherever possible we will aim for low prices

❑ The group meets monthly, usually in the evenings with occasional matinees. The day of the week (normally a weekday) will vary depending on availability of tickets

❑ Members will buy their own tickets beforehand from a programme posted in advance. The conveners will let the group know the numbers of the reserved seats which they have booked. Members can then book seats in surrounding rows or nearby

❑ Where possible the group meets in the theatre bar, a nearby cafĂ© or pub about half an hour before the start of the performance

 Accessibility varies with each theatre

Our programme for 2024

Thursday 27 June 2024

Crime and Punishment
Tower Theatre

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    Updated October 2023