French Book Club 2

French Book Groups 1 & 2 read short novels in French by French authors and so far have had lively discussions in French on Un Secret, O├║ on Va Papa, No et Moi and Oscar et la Dame Rose.

  Both groups read the same books, but each meet in a different home in N8. It is envisaged that the two groups will get together a couple of times a year to meet each other, and have a general discussion on the books we have read.

  A reasonable knowledge of French to intermediate level is desirable. Members are strongly encouraged to speak in French, and not to worry about making mistakes or speaking in English where necessary. We will support and help each other in franglais where necessary, and gradually build up our confidence to express ourselves better in simple French.

Last Thursday of every month, 10.30 a.m. – noon
Currently meeting via Zoom
  Group convener : Joan Smith

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