Felt Making

  Felt making is the fascinating art of creating textiles using wool, water and soap. Projects covered include flat felting for pictures, cards, book covers and wall hangings, jewellery, 3d felting for bowls and bags and nuno felting for scarves and collars. Felt making is highly addictive and after a while participants gain the confidence to develop their own projects using the wide range of materials available.
  At the moment it is not possible to run the Felt Making groups in the Convener’s house, since indoor activities are restricted by government Covid 19 guidelines.
  However, approval has been given to run outdoor sessions in the Convener’s garden, providing numbers are restricted and social distancing and hygiene measures are observed. The full risk assessment for the activity will be sent to members who successfully apply to participate.
  Unfortunately the usual range of projects is not possible outside without access to, and space for, tables for everyone.


  Group Convener : Jacqui Osley

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