End of Life Matters

The group will select topics relevant to end of life. Topics proposed to date include funerals, care homes, advance decisions, relevant systems and organisations, useful resources, dealing with death – our own and others close to us.
  We may occasionally act as a book group and agree to read and discuss a book about death.
  The emphasis is on the practicalities: raising awareness of options available, providing information to assist individual decision-making according to each person’s situation, preferences, values and needs.
  There is no pressure on group members to agree any one approach. All views are welcome provided they contribute positively to the topic; however religious, spiritual or supernatural aspects will not be dealt with and are better taken up with the relevant organisations.
  The convener is not an expert or teacher in these matters but will facilitate and co-ordinate in seeking and sharing relevant information.

  Group Convener : Janice Williams

The Group meets quarterly on a Wednesday at a home near Alexandra Park Station, N22

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