If you’ve been struggling with clutter or taking control of the space in your home, this group is for those who need help free them up to begin (or continue) decluttering.
  There is no magic formula as most people could manage the actual act of decluttering on their own. However, many of us are held up by wondering where to start, what to do with the stuff we don’t want anymore and what we do with things that have a strong emotional connection.
  At each workshop members can explore what’s working or not working for them personally, explore various decluttering strategies, and set goals for achieving the success they are looking for – which will be different for everyone.
  Many people will find that attending three to six workshops will be enough to understand how to overcome the psychological and practical barriers to decluttering, others may enjoy the regular booster! Members are free to come on an occasional basis or just once if they wish.

Third Wednesday of every month at 4 p.m. via Zoom
  Group Convener : Viv Duckett

  Status at May 2022
  New members welcome

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    Updated May 2022