Current Affairs : Issues Explored in Depth

In this group we explore, in depth, issues of current importance that interest members. The expectation is that all members will attend regularly and will undertake some prior research and present brief papers on a particular aspect of the topic. Members will decide the subjects for discussion
  Possible topics include migration, shifts in world power, nationalism, global warming, and free trade – other suggestions welcome. The intention is to rotate the chairing of meetings
  The convener hopes “that as well as learning more about the topic, we would seek to challenge ourselves by exploring alternative ways of understanding contentious issues.” Consequently some subjects will be controversial. The purpose is to explore them intelligently and with the facts that have been ascertained, and, where there is robust debate, this will be conducted politely, calmly and with respect

At no less than four-weekly intervals for two hours
Group members’ homes
  Number of places available per meeting is 8

  Group Convener : Paul Wedgebury

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