Group Convener
Jacqui Osley

Crochet has enjoyed a revival recently and is no longer confined to lace doilies and old-fashioned shawls. Even the Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley is an enthusiast! Vibrant wool skeins produced by indie dyers coupled with an explosion of glorious, innovative patterns have fuelled the trend and for the past three years our Crochet Group members have enjoyed exploring different directions while drinking tea and having a chat! Beginners, too, have come along and in the spirit of u3a skills sharing, have learned the basic stitches from other members of the Group

When and where
Last Tuesday of the month
10.30 a.m.
Group member’s home in Crouch End, N8
No step free access
The maximum number of participants per meeting is twelve. Only two beginners are allowed per session so that they can get the maximum amount of help
Current Group Status
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    Updated October 2023