Crime Fiction Book Club 2

Group Conveners
Chris Riding and Peter Emery

□ Crime is now said to be the largest single genre in fiction writing and in its broadest sense extends well beyond dead bodies! If you enjoy intrigue, well constructed plots, good prose, credible characters and settings, come and share your interests in a friendly setting. We continue to choose our crime from around the world past and present. Group members will suggest and choose the monthly book for discussion. We hope to range from older and contemporary writers across a range of crime. Refreshments can be purchased from the bar

When and where
Third Tuesday of the month
5-6 p.m.
Victoria Stakes
1 Muswell Hill, N10 3TH
Two small steps at the entrance to the ground floor of the pub, and possibly two inside, depending on the space used for the meeting
W3, W7, 144
Current Group Status
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    Updated April 2024